Life Coach Lee

Fashe Journal

The intro to facing ones truths and learning that the best version of yourself is patiently waiting on the horizon. Grow in Life! Evolve the Mind! Explode into your best self! START your journey here.

"I AM" Mantra's

"I AM" Mantra's increase self awareness, gives a greater sense of calm, and reduces stress. Resets ones daily tone to power you through the day.

Alignment Journal

Now that we have experienced Fashe we are ready to move right into Alignment. We will now work on staying true, clear on our road, and committed to the process.

Collection list

This was the most unique experience I've had lately, much better than when I go to my therapy sessions. It feels like it was catered to me specially. honesty, transparency, no judgement are just a few words to describe Fashe. At first I didn't know how much a life coach can help, but now I recommend to everyone world wide. Keep doing your thing love.

Melanin 8/3/2020

I'm beyond grateful for Coach Lee. She's so welcoming and genuine. I would never forget the first conversation we had. I don't really open up to anyone but it was different with her for some reason. I cried so bad the first conversation we had. But I didn't leave the conversation that way. She reminded me of who I am. Its more than just the talks with coach lee. She has such a good heart and is willing to take the extra step to help you. Both her technique and her book are truly life changing. Love her!

Shamera 8/4/2020

Speaking with Cashme' always gives me a sense of relief. She makes me comfortable in every conversation, her opinion is always welcomed because she allows me a safe space to be vulnerable and transparent.

Chrissy 8/3/2020